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Question 170

You are the administrator of the Contoso financial group. You are responsible for a virtual machine in Azure called "Finance_Recon". This VM has been migrated from on-premises to Azure and since the migration, the application seems to be unstable at times and the process crashes. You need to configure logging to view the memory dump files. Which logging method below should you enable?




Crash dumps are correct, as this will enable you to view the contents of the memory for troubleshooting purposes. Application Critical logs will not suffice, as this will not report on what happened in memory, this will only show general error messages. System verbose will not suffice, as this will log everything relevant to the system (think windows system logs). Application verbose logs will also not suffice as this will not have insights into what happened to the process in memory, it would rather have logs regarding the application in detail (verbose = everything).



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