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Question 180

You are the architect of Contoso airliners. You have been tasked to design the integration of 2 networks running in Azure. The first network is allocated to the West Europe region and is named "Finance" which has an address space of The second network is called "Payments" also located in the West Europe region and has an address space of where it also has a VPN gateway (Application Gateway) associated with it which links back to the on-premises environment which has an address space of You are required to design a solution that will enable the "Payments" VNet VMs to communicate with the "Finance" VNet. However, the "Finance" VNet should be able to send traffic to the on-premises network as well. Which configuration should you choose?





You need to peer the 2 Azure VNets with each other ("Payments" and "Finance"), you also need to configure forward traffic so that it allows traffic from another network into this VNet. You need to enable "Allow gateway transit" on the "Payments" VNet as this is the VNet which has the VPN gateway. You need to enable "use remote gateways" on the "Finance" VNet as the traffic needs to be able to go through the gateway (VPN gateway) of the other "remote network" which in this case is the "Payments" VNet. Once this is done, traffic from both VNets will be able to go through to the on-premises network and vice versa.



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