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Question 33

You create a VPN gateway using the Resource Manager deployment model and want to verify the connection.

How can you verify the connection?



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You can use the az network vpn-connection show Azure CLI command to show connection status for a gateway created using the Resource Manager deployment model. When the connection is established, its status shows Connected.

You cannot use the Get-AzureVNetConnection PowerShell cmdlet to verify connectivity. The Get-AzureVNetConnection cmdlet is used to show the connection status for a classic VPN gateway. To show the status of a gateway created using the Resource Manager deployment model, you must use the Get-AzureRmVirtualNetworkGatewayConnection PowerShell cmdlet.

In the Azure portal, you can navigate to the gateway and click Connection to verify connectivity for a Resource Manager VPN gateway. You can also click the connection to open Essentials, which shows more information about the connection.

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