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Question 42

Your company plans to use a custom image based on an existing Azure Windows virtual machine (VM) to provision new VMs in multiple regions.

You need to prepare the VM so it can be used to create a custom image.

Which three commands should you run first in sequence?



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You need to start by running the following commands in order:

1. Sysprep

2. Stop-AzVm

3. Set-VzVm

A custom image is similar to an Azure marketplace image. The primary difference is that you create the image yourself from an existing VM. The result is a reusable image that can be used to create as many VMs as you want.

You start by running the Sysprep command to remove personal information and generalize the image. You then use the Stop-AzVm cmdlet to deallocate the VM. Finally, you need to identify the VM as generalized to Azure using the Set-AzVm command.

Once you have prepared the image, you run Get-AzVM to retrieve the image and load it into a variable, New-AzImageConfig to create the image configuration by specifying the image location, and finally New-AzImage to create the image, specifying the image name and location.

At this point, you can use the New-AzVm to create new VMs from the image.

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