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Question 195

You are the administrator of the Contoso financial group. You are responsible for managing the key vault in Azure. You need to update a certificate that has become stale in the CONTOSOvault, which is called "WebsiteCertificate" via an API call to the Key Vault. Which statement below is correct?




PATCH https://CONTOSOvault.vault.azure.net/certificates/WebsiteCertificate/3d31d7b36c942ad83ef36fc?api-version=7.0 is correct, as this follows the correct way to update a specific certificate in the Azure Key Vault via API call. Here is the way the statement is used in general: PATCH {vaultBaseUrl}/certificates/{certificate-name}/{certificate-version}?api-version=7.0. using HTTP will not suffice as the Key Vaults use HTTPS by default and POST is not the correct action.



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