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Question 176

You are the administrator of the Contoso financial group. You are responsible for managing all virtual machine workloads in the "Production_VMs" Resource Group. You have lately been using ARM templates to deploy VMs and you find it to be much more convenient. You have a basic JSON template which you use to deploy Linux VMs, however, you want to change the JSON script to use a Windows Server 2016 image instead. Under which of the following variables do you need to update the configuration to support the required image?




"imageReference" is correct as this is where you need to specify what image you want to use as well as provide more detail like the publisher, offer, SKU and version. "properties" is incorrect as this is where you specify the hardware profile. "storageProfile" is incorrect as this is where you specify the details around the OS disk-like what type of disk it should be i.e. managed or unmanaged disk. "imageLocater" command does not exist.



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