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Question 49

You plan to migrate the virtual machine (VM) running Windows Server 2012 from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Azure.

You decide to perform the migration by using Azure Site Recovery (ASR).

You need to prepare the migration.

Which three steps should you perform first? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.





You should create an Azure storage account. Images of replicated machines are held in Azure Storage. Azure VMs are created from storage when you failover from on-premises to Azure.

You should prepare a vault to store all recovery points in Azure Recovery Services. This allows you to configure recovery points to meet the recovery time objective (RTO).

You should set up an Azure network. When Azure VMs are created after the migration (failover), they are joined to this Azure network.

You should not set the recovery point to last processed during preparation steps. The recovery point configuration is done during testing of the failover. The last-processed option means that the VM fails over to the latest recovery point that was processed by Site Recovery.

You should not turn on replication during the preparation steps. This can be done after the configuration is prepared and sources and targets are configured.



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