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Question 114

A company is migrating its on-premises database to Azure. You use the following commands to create the database:



You need to determine the features of this deployment. Choose all that apply:





The commands are used to create an Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, which is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) SQL database deployment. It is near 100% compatible with on-premises SQL Server editions and lets you use your existing SQL Server licenses to reduce migration costs.

Managed instance is limited to using the vCore purchasing model only. This purchasing model lets you choose compute and storage resources independently for your deployment. This is different from Azure SQL Database Single Instance and Elastic Pool deployments, which support both vCore and DTU purchasing options.

The database cannot be moved into an existing elastic pool, nor can a new elastic pool be created for the database. Elastic pools are supported for Azure SQL Database Single Instance deployments.

Because of the compatibility between on-premises instances and managed instances, migration can be completed with little or no changes to the on-premises database. This model is often used for migration from an on-premises datacenter.

Because this is a PaaS deployment, Microsoft is responsible for the updates and maintenance of the database. These also occur on Microsoft's schedule.



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