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Question 45

Your company is deploying new virtual machines (VMs) and associated resources using Azure Resource Manager templates. The company wants to use PowerShell cmdlets to provision the resources from a template deployed to your local computer.

You need to complete the PowerShell script to accomplish this.

How should you complete the PowerShell script? Select correct placeholder values.

PLACEHOLDER 1 PLACEHOLDER 2 RG02 -Location "North Central US"


-TemplateFile c:\\MyTemplates\\newazure.json



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You should complete the PowerShell script as follows:

New-AzResourceGroup -Name RG02 -Location "North Central US"

New-AzResourceGroupDeployment -ResourceGroupName RG02

-TemplateFile c:\\MyTemplates\\newazure.json

You need to first create the resource group and then deploy the resources from the template to the resource group.

You should use the New-AzResourceGroup cmdlet to create the resource group. You should use the -Name parameter to specify the resource group name and -Location to specify the regional location. The cmdlet does not support the -ResourceGroupName parameter.

After you create the resource group, you should use the New-AzResourceGroupDeployment cmdlet to deploy the resources. The -ResourceGroupName parameter is used to identify the resource group, and the -TemplateFile parameter is used to locate the template file to use. The -Name and -Location parameters are not supported by the cmdlet.

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