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Question 119

Your office uses Azure for cloud computing. Your team consists of over 40 IT administrators across the country. Each IT administrator has permission to create virtual machines (VMs) in Azure.

You need to receive an e-mail whenever a VM is added or changed. The solution must be the most cost-effective and easy to implement.

What should you do?





You should create a Logic app that uses the Event Grid connector. A Logic app allows you to automate business processes. The Event Grid connector allows the Logic app to run whenever a resource event is added to Event Grid. In this scenario, a resource event is the VM addition or change. You can have the Logic app automatically e-mail you when this happens.

You should not create a Function app that uses the HTTP trigger. A Function app provides a serverless architecture that allows you to run code on a trigger. The HTTP trigger requires you to run the function by making an HTTP request. This would require you to manually monitor Azure for changes and then make the HTTP request. Event Grid is a better solution.

You should not create a Notification Hub namespace and implement a push notification. This allows a backend application to send notifications to Internet-connected devices. This is not suitable in this scenario.

You should not create a Service Bus namespace and implement a relay binding. This allows you to forward Internet messages to a backend network. This is not suitable for this scenario.



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