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Question 48

You have three application virtual machines (VMs) hosted in one region in Azure. You plan to prepare a strategy that will create backups for all data from the VMs. The backup will occur every day at 1 A.M. on each VM. You must ensure that the data is protected upon configuring the solution. In addition, the solution must minimize administrative effort.

Which three actions should you perform in sequence?





You need to perform the following steps in order:

1. Create a Recovery Services vault.

2. Define a backup policy to protect the VMs.

3. Perform the initial backup.

You first create a Recovery Services vault to contain the backup data and the backup policy. You then define the backup policy, which defines when and how often recovery points are taken, to protect the VMs.

You should not define a separate backup policy for each VM. To minimize administrative effort, you should create only one policy to apply to all VMs. You then perform an initial backup. This is a disaster recovery best practice to trigger the first backup so that your data is protected.

Unless you plan to perform backups manually, you should not create a storage account for files. Recovery Services manages the files internally.



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