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Question 117

You create a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service that allows internal applications to calculate shipping rates from three shipping providers. The service is hosted on the corporate network, and it is accessible over TCP port 4800. Your company's firewall only allows inbound traffic over TCP port 8080.

You need to expose this service to applications outside the corporate network.

What two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.





You should create a Service Bus namespace in Azure. A Service Bus namespace is a container for messaging. In this scenario, you need to allow external applications to send messages to Azure, which can then forward the messages to your corporate network over a TCP connection.

You should also add a TCP relay binding to the WCF service endpoint configuration. Because applications cannot connect directly to the service because of the firewall, a relay binding allows the service to open a bidirectional connection to Azure. When Azure receives messages, it forwards those messages over the connection.

You should not create an API Management gateway in Azure. An API Management gateway allows you to publish and secure web APIs. It does not provide relay binding to WCF services.

You should not create an Application Gateway in Azure. An Application Gateway is a load balancer that allows you to route traffic to different virtual machines (VMs) or backend servers based on IP address, port, and route pattern. However, you cannot force traffic to bypass a corporate firewall.



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