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Question 32

You are the IT administrator for your company. Your company has a main office in California and a branch office in Amsterdam. Only employees work at the main and branch offices. Contractors can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

An Azure subscription contains a virtual network (VNet) that contains resources to which all employees and contractors must access. Only the main office has a VPN server.

You need to choose a connection type to ensure that each group of workers can access the full network.

Which connection types should you use? Choose all that apply:





You should not use site-to-site for contractors. This connection type allows you to connect to on-premises datacenters by using VPN. It requires that each datacenter host a VPN server. You should instead use site-to-site for the employees in California.

You should not use point-to-site for employees in California. This connection type allows workers to connect to an Azure VNet over the public network. You should use point-to-site for contractors who work remotely.

You should use ExpressRoute for employees in Amsterdam. This connection type allows you to create a private connection between Azure and an on-premises network. It does not require the on-premises location to host a VPN server.



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