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Question 174

You are the administrator of the Contoso financial group. You are responsible for all storage accounts in Azure. You have been tasked to share limited access to the Blob files in the storage account "Company_function" with another company for a limited time. The other company should only be able to list and read the data in the blob storage. The other company?s administrator is familiar with Azure Storage Explorer and wants you to share secure access with him by using this tool. Which information should you configure and give the administrator?





You need to create a Shared Access Signature for "Company_function" and configure start and expiry time as this is part of the time limitation request, list and read permissions are the least intrusive and blob storage is correct. The administrator should be able to use the SAS URI to configure access in Storage Explorer in their side. Option 1 is incorrect as there are write permissions assigned. Option 3 is incorrect as there is no time limitation set. Option 4 is incorrect as sending a storage name and key will not provide limited access as required.



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