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Question 197

You are the architect for the Contoso airline group. You are responsible for designing an application with event-based architecture in mind. You want to do event routing whenever a new image is uploaded to a blob storage container via the app, you want to send the trigger to a serverless function which will analyze the image uploaded. Which of the following technologies would best fit the design?





Event Grid is correct, as this is used to get the events from the storage account in question which will then trigger the serverless function. Event Hub will not suffice as this is used to collect millions of events per second for processing, not sending the notifications. Service bus will not suffice as this is a messaging service, Service bus is used for apps that make use of transactions, ordering and duplicate detection as well as apps that require handling of high-value messages that cannot be lost. Notification Hub will not suffice as this is used to send PUSH notifications on a large scale to mobile devices.



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