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Question 115

A company is moving the database that is used to support an important application to an Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

You need to review the source code of the application to identify potential incompatibilities.

Choose all that apply:





Filestream data types are not supported for any type of database tables, including temporary tables. The filestream data type is not supported on Managed Instance databases, and filegroups cannot contain filestream data. Attempts to restore from backups that include filestream data will fail.

Bulk insert operations are limited to importing from Azure Blob storage only. Operations that use the BULK INSERT or OPENROWSET commands must include a DATASOURCE parameter that identifies the data source. A managed instance cannot access file shares or Windows folders. The same is true for restore operations, which must also specify Azure Blob storage as their data source.

Standard query operations, including SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE, are supported. There is near 100% compatibility between on-premises SQL Server editions and Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. This means that few changes are usually needed during migration.

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance databases do not support executing commands through xp_cmdshell. In addition, sp_execute_external_scripts and extended stored procedures are not supported.



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