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Question 222

You are the architect of the Contoso airline group. You are responsible for designing a remote connectivity solution There is a virtual team of 10 users who are spread across different regions who needs access to specific resources on the ?Production_VNet?. The connection needs to be secure and minimal effort on the user?s side to connect each time. No additional hardware is available on the remote user?s side. This solution needs to be cost-effective and secure. What connectivity solution should be used?




Point to Site VPN is correct, as this connection does not require hardware on premises and minimal effort to connect each time. Site-to-Site VPN will not suffice as this connection required on-premises hardware. Virtual Network Peering will not suffice as this is used to connect virtual networks in Azure with each other. Express route will not suffice as this is used to connect large sites to Azure directly with low latency and high bandwidth.



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