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Question 10

You are the cloud operations lead for your company's Microsoft Azure subscription. Your team consists of eight administrators who co-manage all Azure-deployed resources.

The corporate governance team mandates that all future Azure resources be deployed only within certain regions.

You need to meet the compliance requirement.

Which Azure feature should you use?





To meet the new compliance requirement, you should deploy Azure Policy. Azure Policy is a governance feature that allows you to enforce requirements at two Azure scopes: the management group and the resource group. For example, you can require that all deployments are constrained to particular regions, or that only certain virtual machine (VM) sizes are allowed.

You should not use RBAC. RBAC focuses on user actions at different scopes. For example, a user may be restricted with RBAC from creating VMs in any Azure region. By contrast, Azure Policy customizes the properties a user can choose during resource deployment.

You should not use taxonomic tags. These key-value pairs are useful for organizing Azure resources (for instance, to identify different cost centers). However, tags have no authorization capability on their own.

You should not use Activity Log Analytics. This management solution aggregates Azure activity log data in a Log Analytics workspace. Specifically, the activity log records control plane activities such as resource creation, but does not enforce authorization.



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