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Question 66

Your company is planning to deploy a new application in its Azure subscription. The application consists of several Linux virtual machines (VMs).

You are asked to deploy the needed VMs for this new application. The VMs will run version 18.04-LTS of Ubuntu server. You decide to create an ARM template for the deployment.

You need to ensure that the VM image can automatically update after the initial deployment. You also need to use VM images from the marketplace.

Which two ARM parameters should you configure? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.





You should configure the sku and offer parameters. The sku parameter is used for setting the major release version of the operating system distribution. You use the offer parameter for setting the name of the images created by the publisher. For this situation, you need to set sku to 18.04-LTS and offer to UbuntuServer.

You should not use the version parameter. You typically use this parameter for setting the version of the image of the selected sku. You can use the version number using the format Major.Minor.Build or use the keyword latest. If you set this parameter to latest, you will always use the latest available version at deployment time, but the image will not be update when a new version becomes available.

You should not use the vmSize parameter. This parameter is used to set the amount of hardware resources assigned to the VM. It is not related to the operating system used in the VM.

You should not use the osType parameter. You use this parameter to specify the operating system installed on the osDisk when you use a user-image or specialized virtual hard disk (VHD) to deploy the VM.



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