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Question 33

You have a Microsoft Azure subscription that contains a storage account.

Your on-premises environment includes six file servers that host a total of 12 file shares. These file shares are consolidated in a Distributed File System Replication (DFS-R) configuration.

You plan to deploy Azure File Sync to centralize the distributed file shares in Azure and to enable cloud tiering. You configure Azure File Sync as follows:

* Two Storage Sync Service instances with 6 file servers in each instance

* Four Sync Groups

* Two cloud endpoints

Choose all that apply:





All servers in the topology cannot sync with each other because your topology includes two Storage Sync Service instances. Only servers registered within a single Storage Sync Service instance and Sync Group can sync with each other.

The topology requires six registered servers. You need to install the Azure File Sync agent on every local file server and register each with its respective Sync Group.

You do not need to decommission the DFS-R environment before enabling Azure File Sync because Azure File Sync supports DFS-R environments.



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