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Question 57

You have a Microsoft Azure subscription named Sub1.

You deploy a Windows Server 2016 virtual machine (VM) named VM1 to Sub1.

You need to change the availability set assignment for VM1.

What should you do?





You should redeploy VM1 from a recovery point. In Azure, you can assign a VM to an availability set only during initial deployment. Therefore, to reassign the VM to another availability set in this case, you would need to perform the following actions:

1. Take a backup of the current VM.

2. Delete the current VM.

3. Deploy a new VM based on the most recent restore point to the correct availability set

You should not move VM1 to a different availability zone because availability zones are mutually exclusive from availability sets.

You should not assign VM1 to the new availability set because, as previously discussed, this is not a supported action in the Azure service fabric.

You should not migrate VM1 to another Azure region because by definition members of the same availability set must reside in the same region.



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