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Question 83

You are deploying a group of new virtual machines (VMs) in your Azure Subscription. These new VMs are part of the frontend layer of a new application that your company is publishing.

You plan to configure an Azure Load Balancer for these new VMs. You decide to configure a Standard Load Balancer.

You need to configure the public IP address that you will assign to the load balancer.

Choose all that apply:





You can only use a standard SKU public IP with Standard Load Balancers. Standard Load Balancers have been designed with security in mind. This means that you need to manually authorize any inbound connection. The Standard SKU public IP address is the only SKU that has this configuration by default.

Standard SKU public IP addresses do not allow inbound communication by default. You need to manually create and assign a network security group (NSG) that allows inbound communication with the standard SKU public IP address. If you need to allow all inbound traffic by default, you need to use a basic SKU public IP address.

You can only use the static allocation method with standard SKU public IP addresses. When you configure a public IP address, there are two different allocation methods: static or dynamic. Static allocation method reserves and assigns a public IP address when the public IP resource object is created in Azure.

You cannot specify the IP address of a public IP resource. Even if you use the static allocation method for a public IP, you cannot manually specify the IP address assigned to your public IP resource object. This address is picked from a pool of public addresses and assigned to your resource.



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