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Question 54

Your company's Azure environment consists of the following resources:

* 4 virtual networks (VNets)

* 48 Windows Server and Linux virtual machines (VMs)

* 6 general purpose storage accounts

You need to design a universal monitoring solution that enables you to query across all diagnostic and telemetry data emitted by your resources.

What should you do first?





You should create a Log Analytics workspace. Azure Log Analytics is the central resource monitoring platform in Azure. The Log Analytics workspace is the data warehouse to which associated resources send their telemetry data. Azure Log Analytics has its own query language with which you can generate reports that stretch across all your Azure deployments and management solutions.

You should not install the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA). This agent is indeed required to associate Windows physical and virtual servers (on-premises and in Azure). However, Log Analytics automatically deploys the MMA to your Azure virtual machines when you onboard them to your Log Analytics workspace.

You should not enable Network Watcher. Network Watcher is a virtual network diagnostics platform. While you can link Network Watcher to Azure Log Analytics, you still need to create the Log Analytics workspace first.

You should not activate resource diagnostic settings. Before Microsoft developed Log Analytics, administrators were required to configure diagnostic settings on a per-resource level. This is no longer necessary because Microsoft Monitoring Agent configures nodes to send their diagnostics logs to a Log Analytics workspace.



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