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Question 82

A virtual machine (VM) named VM01 is deployed in a resource group named RG01. This VM is connected to a virtual network (VNet) named VNET01.

You plan to connect VM01 to an additional VNet named VNET02.

You need to create an additional NIC on VM01 and connect it to VNET02.

Which two Azure CLI commands should you use? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.





You should use the az network nic create command. Using this command, you can create the additional NIC that you want to add to VM01. You need to use the subnet and vnet-name parameter to connect the NIC to the correct VNet. You can optionally configure a static IP address by using the private-ip-address parameter.

You should then use the az vm nic add command. This command will attach the new NIC to VM01. You need to provide the name of the recently created NIC to attach it to VM01.

You should not use the az vm nic set command. This command is useful for setting a NIC as the primary NIC of the VM.

You should not use the az network nic update command. You can use this command to change the settings of existing NICs.



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