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Question 60

You have a Linux virtual machine (VM) named VM1 that runs in Azure. VM1 has the following properties:

* Size: Standard_D4s_v3

* Number of virtual CPUs: 2

* Storage type: Premium

* Number of data disks: 6

* Public IP address: Standard SKU

You attempt to resize the VM to the Standard_D2s_v3 size, but the resize operation fails.

Which VM property is the most likely cause of the failure?





In this case, the VM resize failure is caused by the VM's current number of data disks. The Standard_D4s_v3 instance size supports up to 8 data disks, but the Standard D2s_v3 instance size supports only up to 4 data disks. Therefore, you will be unable to make the VM size reduction unless you detach the extra data disks from the VM.

The number of virtual central processing units (vCPUs) is not a problem because Standard_D4s_v3 supports 4 vCPUs and Standard_D2s_v3 supports 2 vCPUs.

The storage type is not a problem because both instance sizes support premium disk storage.

The public IP address resource is not a problem because this resource is associated at the network interface level and not the VM level.



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