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Question 27

You are configuring the Azure File Sync service to synchronize data from your Windows Server failover cluster to Azure Files. Your Windows Server failover cluster is currently configured to support the Scale-Out file server for application data operational mode. The Failover Cluster is set up with data deduplication. The server endpoint is located on the system drive.

The Azure Files Sync service fails to operate on the failover cluster.

You need to rectify the situation.

What two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.





With the Azure File Sync service, only certain cluster configuration types are supported. The File Server for General Use type must be configured on the Windows failover cluster. Scale-Out file server is not supported.

The deduplication feature of the Windows clustered file server must also not be enabled because this is incompatible with the Azure Sync Service.

Clustered shared volumes must not be enabled because these are incompatible with the Azure Sync Service.

The server endpoint being mounted to the system volume is not a problem in this scenario. This would only be a problem if cloud tiering was a requirement or if rapid name space restore was needed. Neither is relevant to the question, so moving the endpoint from the system volume would have no effect here.



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