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Question 51

You have a Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual machine (VM) that is experiencing connectivity issues. You are not able to connect to the VM using Remote Desktop (RDP).

You need to move the VM to a different node inside the Azure infrastructure.

Which two commands can you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.





You can use either the az vm redeploy command or the Set-AzureRmVm cmdlet to redeploy a VM. When you redeploy a VM, Azure tries to gracefully shutdown the VM and move it to another node inside the Azure Infrastructure. Azure copies all the current settings for the VM to the new location. This operation helps when you are experiencing connectivity issues with your VM and you are not able to connect to the VM using RDP or SSH.

You should not use the az vm deallocate Azure CLI command. This command shuts down the VM and disconnects all compute resources from the VM. You are not billed for deallocated VMs.

You should not use the az vm convert Azure CLI command. You use this command when you want to convert unmanaged disks in a VM to managed disks.

You should not use the Update-AzureRmVM cmdlet. This cmdlet updates the state of a VM. You use this cmdlet when you want to update the properties of the VM. This cmdlet does not redeploy the VM.

You should not use the New-AzureRmVM cmdlet. This cmdlet creates a new VM but does not redeploy an existing VM to a new node in the Azure infrastructure.



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