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Question 95

Your company has an Azure subscription with an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant. Your company uses this Azure AD tenant for managing access to the resources deployed in Azure.

Your company has a security policy that states that all users must have only the required privileges to do their job. This policy also requires that all privileges be reviewed every month and any incorrect permission assignments must be corrected.

You decide to use Azure AD access review. Access review has not been used before.

You need to configure Azure AD access review. Your solution must require the least administrative effort.

What two actions should you perform? Each correct answer represents part of the solution.





You should use the Default Program. A program is a way of organizing access reviews and controls. The Default Program is always present in access review. Since this is the first usage of access review, it is OK to use this default program. If you require additional programs for other compliance issues or business goals, you can create new programs.

You should configure a control with a monthly frequency with 14 days for the duration setting. Configuring the frequency to monthly will run the access review every month. The duration setting is the amount of time that each review is open to the reviewers to provide their input.

You should not create a new program. This requires more administrative effort and is not required since this is the first usage of the access review.

You should not configure quarterly or yearly frequency. You need the access review to be performed every month. The duration setting does not set the frequency of the access review, but the time frame that a reviewer can make modifications to the access review. For a monthly frequency, the maximum duration setting allowed is 27 days to avoid overlapping with next access review.



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