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Question 40

You have performed a lift and shifted migration of several Windows Servers to Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaasS).

You need to configure the servers to support Azure Backup.

What are two ways of achieving your goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.





When you lift and shift VMs from on premises to Azure IaaS, the VMs do not have the prerequisites to setup backup operations in Azure. Before you can setup backup operations, you have to perform one of two actions.

You can install the Azure VM Agent on the migrated VMs. This will also deploy the Azure VM Backup Agent on the VMs by default. You can also manually deploy the Azure VM Backup Agent on the migrated VMs. Both options will result in a VM that can be configured for Azure VM Backup protection.

You should not enable Backup via the Backup Blade in the Azure VM Configuration Panel. This option cannot be used unless the VM already have the Backup Agent deployed first.

You should not execute the Backup-AzureRmBackupItem cmdlet. This cmdlet can run a non-policy based backup activity but also requires the Azure Backup Agent to have been deployed on the VM being targeted for backup.



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