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Question 58

You have an Azure resource group named RG1. RG1 contains four virtual machines (VMs) and their associated resources.

You need to generate resource usage reports by using interactive queries.

What should you use?





You should use the Log Search feature of Azure Log Analytics to run interactive queries and to build reports based on VM diagnostics data resident in your Azure Log Analytics workspace. Log Search uses Kusto Query Language (KQL), a new query language based on Structured Query Language (SQL), Splunk Processing Language (SPL), and PowerShell.

You should not use Azure Monitor because Monitor does not support interactive queries itself. Instead, Monitor allows you to:

* Enable diagnostics logging

* Plot resource metrics

* Configure alerts

The Log Search functionality in Azure Monitor is actually a shortcut to Log Search in your Azure Log Analytics workspace.

You should not use Azure alerts. Alerts in Azure Monitor can be based on resource metrics (for example, CPU utilization of a VM) or Activity Log alerts (for instance, whenever a VM is powered off or restarted).

You should not use Azure Service Bus. Azure Service Bus is an enterprise-class messaging platform that supports microservice application architectures. It is not related to resource monitoring.



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