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Question 76

You are asked to deploy a virtual machine (VM) in your Azure subscription. This VM must be configured with a static IP address for connectivity to some legacy applications.

You need to configure the VM to support a static IP address.

What are two ways to achieve your goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.





When configuring a static IP address for an Azure VM, there are three supported options for doing so. One option is to use the New-AzureRmNetworkInterface with the -PrivateIPAddress switch. The second is to set the IP address after the VM has been created in the Azure Portal. A third option is to use the Azure CLI and the az network nic create command.

You should not use the Add-AzureRmVMNetworkInterface cmdlet. This cmdlet is used to add a network interface to an existing VM but does not have options for configuring static IP addresses.

You should not use the Set-AzureRmNetworkInterface cmdlet. This cmdlet can be used to set a static IP address, but it must be used in conjunction with other cmdlets to complete the action.



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