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Question 79

You need to assign a static private IPv4 address for a Windows Server virtual machine (VM) named corp-vm1 running in a virtual network (VNet) named corp-vnet.

What should you do?





You should modify the IP configuration of the virtual network interface associated with corp-vm1. TCP/IP configuration for VMs takes place from the virtual network interface card (vNIC) level, not the VM level. A vNIC can have one or more IP configurations that define static or dynamic public and private IPv4 addresses.

You cannot edit the address range of corp-vnet. Instead, you can add a second range, and then delete the original range. However, this can be accomplished only if you have first removed any subnets that use the first address range.

You should not connect to corp-vm1 by using RDP and edit the VM's virtual network connection properties. All VM networking must be configured from outside the virtual machine's operating system environment. If you change the networking settings from within the VM, the VM will likely lose Internet connectivity and you will be required to reset the VM's configuration.

You should not connect to corp-vm1 by using WinRM and run the Set-NetIPAddress PowerShell cmdlet. It is crucial that you configure all TCP/IP properties from outside the VM at the Azure Resource Manager level.



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