CCIE Collaboration Exam: Enable SAF Functionality - Cisco IOS Router

Enable SAF Functionality on Cisco IOS Router

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A collaboration engineer has set up SAF on a Cisco IOS router to advertise and accept SAF information during a maintenance window.

Which two commands enable this functionality? (Choose two.)



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A. B. C. D. E. F.


The Service Advertisement Framework (SAF) is a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) feature that allows for automatic discovery of network services, including Unified Communications services. SAF is used to advertise, discover, and share service-related information between CUCM and other network devices, such as routers.

To enable SAF on a Cisco IOS router, you need to use the following commands:

  1. enroll callcontrol wildcarded: This command enables the router to enroll in the SAF network and register itself as a call control entity. The "wildcarded" keyword specifies that the router will accept any call control information advertised by other SAF-enabled devices.

  2. advertise callcontrol 1: This command enables the router to advertise its call control services to other SAF-enabled devices. The "1" parameter specifies the SAF service identifier (SSID) for the call control service.

Therefore, the correct answers are A and B.

Option C, "subscribe callcontrol wildcarded," is not a valid command in Cisco IOS routers. This command is used in CUCM to subscribe to SAF services advertised by other devices.

Option D, "register callcontrol wildcarded," is also not a valid command in Cisco IOS routers. This command is used in CUCM to register a device as a call control entity with the SAF network.

Option E, "publish callcontrol 1," and option F, "distribute callcontrol 1," are not valid commands in Cisco IOS routers. These commands are used in CUCM to publish and distribute SAF-related information.