Power Saving Parameters on Cisco 9971 IP Phone Connected to Cisco Switch with EnergyWise Feature Enabled

Available Power Saving Parameters

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Which two power saving parameters are available on a Cisco 9971 IP Phone only when it is connected to a Cisco switch with the EnergyWise feature enabled? (Choose two)



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A. B. C. D. E. F.



The Cisco 9971 IP Phone supports EnergyWise, a Cisco technology that enables power management across an organization's network devices. EnergyWise allows network administrators to monitor and control power usage of network devices, including IP phones.

When a Cisco 9971 IP Phone is connected to a Cisco switch with EnergyWise enabled, it can take advantage of two power saving parameters:

  1. Enable Power Save Plus: This parameter enables the phone to consume less power during periods of inactivity. When the phone is idle, it can switch to a low-power mode to conserve energy. The phone will still be able to receive incoming calls and other notifications while in this mode, but it will consume less power than when it is fully active. This can help to extend the phone's battery life.

  2. LLDP Power Priority: LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) is a standard protocol used by network devices to exchange information about their capabilities and status. With EnergyWise enabled, the Cisco switch can use LLDP to communicate with the IP phone and negotiate the power usage. LLDP Power Priority determines the priority of the IP phone when negotiating power usage with the switch. A higher priority means that the IP phone will receive power before other devices on the network.

Therefore, options A and E are the correct answers: A. Enable Power Save Plus E. LLDP Power Priority