Question 388 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

Question 388 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

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Refer to the exhibit.

HQ Phone 2
ON: 1004
Line CSS: None

star_pabeqi Matching SIF URL, Alpneumerie User,

JappInto (Dagae Analys
JAppInte (eURt gecdane

J. SRRTOOMAL Ce KURI Lockup FODH-{ 1000)
Blended 4n-1000 URI-napnone ites ree. com

: getDakes ~ Remove Destination [} L20RIt1)
"3", Eqena"1004", ena" 1006" pive"S".

Route Pertstions for this Calling Search Space ————
Avatabie Parumens** Owectory URL

‘See teed tues poner ceoey Untiew OPE", ade"tegphane”-ae=“O"y
Giadel Leerneg tenerpeie teembers Vappingo  analysie reaules
(Giebes Leumed teterpense Pemerne tappInte 11 PretransforaCatling?artyWuabers 1004

ve ICelLingParcymaber-L004

Selected Parton — tem UE

LingPactscion-Directory ORE
{Put lyQwaitCiedcal Ledrar cyttumber moc, ocsic@lencnp a

A Cisco collaboration engineer has been asked to remove the ability HQ phone 2 to dial HQ phone 1 by URI dialing.

After removing the partition assigned to HQ phone 2's CSS, HQ phone 2 is still able to reach HQ phone 1

Why is the HQ phone 1 still reachable using URI dialing?



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