Question 376 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

Question 376 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

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Refer to the Exhibit.

sccp local Loopbacko
sccp ccm CCM-SUBSCRIBE01 identifier 2 version 7.0
sccp ccm CCM-SUBSCRIBE02 identifier 1 version 7.0
sccp ccm group 1
bind interface Loopbacko
associate ccm 1 priority 1
associate ccm 2 priority 2
associate profile 2 register XD-REMOTE

dspfarm profile 2 transcode
codec g729br8
codec g729r8
codec g7llulaw
codec g7llalaw
codec g729ar8
codec g729abr8
maximum sessions 422
associate application SCCP
max-ephone 10
max-dn 15
ip source-address port 2000

An Engineer is troubleshooting transcoding issue in a remote branch office.

After a WAN outage all ip phones can register to a CME in SRST 2900 ISR Router.

However, the users reported that calls disconnect after pressing the answer softkey.

Which three configurations are necessary for successful media resource failover? (Choose three.)



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