Cisco CallManager Service

Transferring Call Detail Record Files

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The Cisco CallManager service is activated and running on the Publisher node in a Cisco Unified Communication Manager cluster.

Which service is responsible for transferring the Call Detail Record flat files to the cdr_repository structure on the Publisher?



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In a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) cluster, the Call Detail Record (CDR) files contain information about calls processed by the system, including call time, duration, parties involved, and call quality data. CUCM generates these files in a flat file format, which is then transferred to a CDR repository for further processing and analysis.

The responsibility for transferring the CDR flat files to the CDR repository structure on the Publisher node in a CUCM cluster falls on the Cisco CDR Agent service. The Cisco CDR Agent is a service that runs on all CUCM servers, including the Publisher and Subscriber nodes. The primary function of the Cisco CDR Agent service is to monitor and collect CDR files from all active servers in the CUCM cluster and then send them to the CDR repository on the Publisher node for further processing.

Once the CDR files have been transferred to the CDR repository, the Cisco CDR Repository Manager service takes over the responsibility of processing and storing the records. This service provides a web-based user interface for configuring and managing the CDR repository database and generating reports based on the CDR data.

The other answer options provided in the question are not responsible for transferring CDR flat files to the CDR repository. The Cisco CAR Scheduler service is responsible for scheduling and running CAR (Call Accounting and Reporting) processes, which can use CDR data to generate reports. The Cisco CallManager service is responsible for call processing, routing, and signaling within the CUCM cluster. The Cisco CAR DB is a database that stores the processed CDR data and other CAR-related information.