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Software Licensing Transport Settings

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Which three Software Licensing transport setting types are available on UCM 12.0 for license management? (Choose three.)



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A. B. C. D. E. F.


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UCM 12.0 supports different types of software licensing transport settings to manage licenses efficiently. Here is a brief explanation of each option:

A. Prime License Manager (PLM): Prime License Manager is a centralized enterprise-level licensing tool that can be used to manage and monitor licenses for Cisco collaboration products, including UCM. PLM is a server-based solution that enables license management across an entire organization, with features such as license compliance reporting, historical tracking, and flexible deployment options.

B. Enterprise License Manager (ELM): Enterprise License Manager is an on-premises software tool that enables centralized management of Cisco collaboration product licenses, including UCM. ELM can be used to manage licenses for multiple Cisco products in a single, consolidated interface. ELM also provides license usage tracking, compliance reporting, and license migration support.

C. Transport Gateway: The Transport Gateway option allows UCM to communicate with a third-party licensing server, such as a Cisco Smart Software Manager or a cloud-based licensing service. Transport Gateway can be used for hybrid cloud deployments or to manage licenses across multiple locations or organizations.

D. Smart License Manager Proxy: The Smart License Manager Proxy option allows UCM to communicate with a Cisco Smart Software Manager server, which is a cloud-based licensing management tool. Smart License Manager Proxy can be used for license compliance tracking, reporting, and automation.

E. Direct: The Direct option allows UCM to communicate directly with Cisco licensing servers to obtain and manage licenses. This option is recommended for small to mid-size organizations with a single location.

F. HTTP/HTTPS Proxy: The HTTP/HTTPS Proxy option allows UCM to communicate with licensing servers through an HTTP or HTTPS proxy server. This option is useful for organizations with strict network security policies or for remote workers who need to access the licensing server over the internet.

Therefore, the correct answers to this question are A. Prime License Manager, B. Enterprise License Manager, and D. Smart License Manager Proxy.