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Intercluster Enhanced Location CAC System Location

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Which system location is used for intercluster Enhanced Location CAC on Cisco Unified Communications Manager?



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The shadow location is used to enable a SIP trunk to pass Enhanced Location CAC information such as location name and Video-Traffic-Class (discussed below), among other things, required for Enhanced Location CAC to function between clusters.

In order to pass this location information across clusters, the SIP intercluster trunk (ICT) must be assigned to the "shadow" location.

The shadow location cannot have a link to other locations, and therefore no bandwidth can be reserved between the shadow location and other locations.

Any device other than a SIP ICT that is assigned to the shadow location will be treated as if it was associated to Hub_None.

That is important to know because if a device other than a SIP ICT ends up in the shadow location, bandwidth deductions will be made from that device as if it were in Hub_None, and that could have varying effects depending on the location and links configuration.

System location is a term used in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to define network locations where devices or endpoints are located. These locations can be defined with specific characteristics, such as bandwidth limitations or codec preferences, and can be used to control call admission control (CAC) policies.

Intercluster Enhanced Location CAC is a feature in CUCM that allows for CAC to be performed between different clusters in a multi-cluster deployment. It uses location information to make CAC decisions based on the bandwidth available between clusters.

To enable Intercluster Enhanced Location CAC, you need to create a system location called "Intercluster" in each cluster that will be participating in the CAC decision-making process. This location will be used to define the available bandwidth between clusters and to make CAC decisions based on this information.

The other options listed in the question (Hub_None, Default, Phantom, Shadow) are not valid system location names in CUCM and are therefore incorrect answers.