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Parameters Indicating Active Call on an MGCP Gateway

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Which two parameters, in the reply of an MGCP gateway to an Audit Endpoint message, indicate to a Cisco Unified CM that it has an active call on an endpoint? (Choose two)



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A. B. C. D. E. F.


MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) is a signaling and control protocol used between the media gateway and a call agent, such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). The protocol is used for controlling voice and video media gateways.

In an MGCP call setup, the call agent sends an Audit Endpoint message to the media gateway to check if there are any active calls on an endpoint. In response, the media gateway sends an Audit Endpoint Acknowledgment message to the call agent with information about the active call(s) on the endpoint.

To indicate that there is an active call on an endpoint, the following parameters are included in the Audit Endpoint Acknowledgment message:

  1. Call ID: This parameter uniquely identifies the call leg or call instance associated with the endpoint.

  2. Connection ID: This parameter identifies the specific connection associated with the active call.

Therefore, the correct answers to this question are B (Call ID) and D (Connection ID).

The other answer options listed are not used to indicate the presence of an active call on an endpoint. Here's a brief explanation of each option:

A. Bearer Information: This parameter is used to indicate the type of media being transported, such as voice or video.

C. Capabilities: This parameter is used to indicate the capabilities of the endpoint, such as its ability to support different media types.

E. Connection Parameters: This parameter is used to provide information about the specific connection, such as its state and quality.

F. Connection Mode: This parameter is used to indicate the mode of the connection, such as whether it is in G.711 or G.729 mode.

It's worth noting that the specific parameters included in an MGCP message can vary depending on the endpoint and the network configuration. However, in the context of this question, the Call ID and Connection ID parameters are the correct answers.