Question 235 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

Question 235 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

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Refer to the exhibit.

Contact Service Queue Configuration
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Contact Senice Queue Name* ‘Customer Senice
Contact Sence Queue Type"
Contact Queuing Criteria

‘automatic Work

Enabled ® Disabled

vwrapup Timet Enables ‘seconais) ® oisabien

Resource Pool Selection Mode!” Resource Skis»

‘serice Lever? 2
‘Sendce Level Percentage 2
Prompt “No Selection = .

|Contact Service Queue Configuration
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Contact Service Queue

Conta customer Senice
Resource Selection Great Most ie -
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Dispath On a
stats Minimum alee
stoner eves 3 8

Resource Configuration
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Resource Name ‘Source 1 0H Dispaten

Resource 10 stispateh-OH
IPCC Extension 7792
Resource Group “Not Selected: .
‘Automatic Available* © Enabled © Disabled
Assigned Stils Unassigned skis
Dispatch OH) z ‘Commercial Fuels z
Dispatch PAC) 4 | bispatch night
Customer Senice(3) p> Enerar Biting

: Wnotesale Fuels :
Competence Level 3 > (1-Beginner,10-E:per)

Team ‘Source One Dispatch

Resource Configuration
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Resource Name Source 1 PAispatch

Resource ID staispaten-PA

IPCC Extension 7783

Resource Group Not Selected +

‘Automatic Avaltable* ® Enabled © Disables

Assigned Suis Unassigned Stas
Dispatch OHO z ‘Commercial Fuels z
Dispatch PAC) 4 [bispaten Nignt

| customer Servce(4) yp [Energy Biting

s Wholesale Fuels :
Competence Level 4 ~ (1-Beginner, 10-per)

Team ‘Source One Dispatch

Assume that all shown agents are available to take a call.

Which agent will receive the call when a select resource step is triggered in the script for the Customer Service CSQ?



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The Contact Service Queue (CSQ) controls incoming calls by determining where an incoming call should be placed in the queue and to which agent the call is sent.

After you assign an agent to a resource group and assign skills, you need to configure the CSQs.

You assign agents to a CSQ by associating a resource group or by associating all skills of a particular CSQ.

Agents in the selected resource group or who have all the selected skills are assigned to the CSQ.

Skills within the CSQ can be ordered.

This means, when resources are selected, a comparison is done based on the competency level (highest for "most skilled" and lowest for "least skilled") of the first skill in the list.

If there is a "tie" the next skill within the order is used, and so on.

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