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Site Is Unavailable Error Message

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When Cisco Unity Connection users attempt to connect using Web Inbox and receive a Site Is Unavailable error message, which service status should be verified?



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Cisco Tomcat service, as the name suggests, is used by the Web Server of CUCM and helps display the administration, operating system, disaster recovery, and other GUI interfaces of CUCM.

The service leverages a built-in CA for Tomcat in that it redirects the incoming HTTP requests to HTTPS using the default self- signed certificate.

If Cisco Unity Connection users are experiencing a "Site Is Unavailable" error message when they attempt to connect using Web Inbox, the service status that should be verified is Tomcat.

Tomcat is a web server that is responsible for running web-based applications and services, such as the Unity Connection Web Inbox. If the Tomcat service is not running or is experiencing issues, this can result in users being unable to connect to the Web Inbox and receiving the "Site Is Unavailable" error message.

To verify the status of the Tomcat service, an administrator can access the Unity Connection Administration web interface and navigate to the "System Settings" section. Under the "General Configuration" tab, there is a "Services" option where the administrator can view the status of various Unity Connection services, including Tomcat.

If the Tomcat service is not running, the administrator can attempt to start the service from the same "Services" page. If the service does not start, further troubleshooting may be necessary to identify and resolve the underlying issue.