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Default Data Collection Interval

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What is the default data collection interval for Call Detail Records on Cisco Unified CM?



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CDR File Time Interval - This parameter specifies the time interval for collecting CDR data.

For example, if this value is set to 1, each file will contain 1 minute of CDR data (CDRs and CMRs, if enabled)

The CDR database will not receive the data in each file until the interval has expired, so consider how quickly you want access to the CDR data when you decide what interval to set for this parameter.

The minimum value is 1 (which is also the default)

Maximum is 1440

The unit of measure for this required field represents a minute.


Call Detail Records (CDRs) are used to collect call-related information for monitoring, troubleshooting, and billing purposes. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) is a call control platform that provides CDR functionality. The default data collection interval for CDRs in CUCM is 60 seconds.

During a call, CUCM records a variety of call-related information, such as the call start time, call duration, calling and called numbers, call type, and call termination reason. This information is stored in CDRs, which can be used to generate reports and analyze call patterns.

The CDR data collection interval determines how often CUCM records call-related information. By default, CUCM records this information every 60 seconds. However, this interval can be configured by an administrator, who can adjust it based on specific requirements or needs.

To summarize, the default data collection interval for CDRs in CUCM is 60 seconds. This interval determines how often call-related information is recorded during a call and can be adjusted by an administrator if necessary.