Question 142 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

Question 142 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

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Refer to the exhibit.

6VOICE_IEC-3-GW: Application Framework Core: Internal Error (Toll fraud call rejected):
ITEC= on_callID 3 GUID=F146D6B0539C11DF800CA596C4C2D7EF

1000183: *Jan 3 11:21:31.251: //3/F146D6B0800C/cCAPI/ccCal1SetContext:

000184: *jan 3 11:21:31.251: //3/F146D6B0800C/CCAPI/cc_process_call_setup_ind:
>>>5CCAPI handed cid 3 with tag 1000 to app "_ManagedAppProcess_TOLLFRAUD_APP™
(000185: **Jan 3 11:21:31.251: //3/F146D6B0800C/cCAPI/ccCal 1Disconnect:
Cause Value=21, Tag=0x0, Call Entry(Previous Disconnect Cause=0, Disconnect Cause=0)

Your customer sent you this debug output, captured on a Cisco IOS router (router A), to troubleshoot a problem where all H.323 calls that originate from another Cisco IOS router (router B) are being dropped almost immediately after arriving at router A.

What is the reason for these disconnected calls?



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Trusted source IP address list on router is a list which secures the connectivity of router if it is enabled then we need to give the trusted entry for any route to reach.