Question 286 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

Question 286 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

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Refer to the exhibit.

ale Cisco Unified Operating System Administration

CISCO For cisco Unified Communications Solutions

Show ¥ Settings ~ Securty ~ Software Upgrades ~ Services ~ Help +

3) Uneescantcncantcatechan [lL come oR


@ 2 words found

Certificate List (1 - 21 of 21)

Find Certificate List where [Fle Name | begins with [zl

Certificate Name Certificate Type
tomeat certs tomeat.pem
ipsec certs ipsec.perm
tomeat-trust trust-certs PUB.pern

tomeat-trust trust-certs Verisian Class 3 Secure Server CA - G3.pem
tomeat-trust trust-certs Ae

ipsec-trust trust-certs sek

CallManager certs CallManager.pem

CAPF certs CAPF.pem

Ts certs ‘TvS.pem

CallManager-trust _trust-certs. Cisco Manufacturing CA.pem
CallManager-trust _trust-certs CAPF-8b60ebbS.pem
CallManager-trust _trust-certs. CAP-RTP-002.pem
CallManager-trust _trust-certs CAP-RTP-O01.pem
CallManager-trust _trust-certs ‘SUB.pem

CallManager-trust _trust-certs CAPF-fbb7020d.pem
CallManager-trust _trust-certs. Cisco Root CA 2048.pem
CAPF-trust trust-certs Cisco Manufacturing CA.pem
CAPF-trust trust-certs CAPF-8b60ebbS.pem
CAPF-trust trust-certs CAP-RTP-002.pem
CAPF-trust trust-certs CAP-RTP-O01.pem
CAPF-trust, trust-certs Cisco Root CA 2048.pem

Which certificate file contains the private key used to sign the TFTP configuration file for download authentication with Initial Trust List enabled IP phones?



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