Question 294 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

Question 294 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

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Refer to the exhibit.

Forwarded Routing Rule

Display Name * Emergency Message

@ Active © inactive Invalid
Use System Default Language

@ Inherit Language from Caller
English(United States)

Search Scope ucxnprod Search Space ~

Send Call to
© callHandier Emergency Message +
Attempt Transfer
9 Go Directly to Greetings
Routing Rule Conditions

Delete: Selected.) |,Add.New.

a) Parameter

Forwarded Routing Rules in Descending Order of Precedence

Delete Selected] (Add New } [Change Order

Edit Greeting (Standard) Emergency Message

Call Handler Edit Refresh

Greeting Enabled with No End Date and Time
Enabled Until:
Date (Apri

Callers Hear
® system Default Greeting
My Personal Recording
Play the "Record Your Message at the Tone” Prompt
After Greeting
® call Action Route From Next Call Routing Rule +
Call Handler 3000

© attempt Transfer

o Display Name ‘Status Dialed Number Calling Number Forwarding Station Phone System Port ‘Send Callto

T] Emergency Message Active.
Attempt Forward Active

Opening Greeting Active

Greeting Conversation]

Attempt Forward

Transfer Conversation

What does an outside caller hear when calling a user and forwarding to Cisco Unity Connection?



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