Call Processing Feature that Overrides Do Not Disturb Settings on a Cisco IP Phone

Call Processing Feature Overrides Do Not Disturb Settings

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Which call processing feature overrides the Do Not Disturb settings on a Cisco IP phone?



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A. B. C. D. E.


Hold Reversion and Intercom - Hold reversion and intercom override DND (both options), and the call gets presented normally.


The call processing feature that overrides the Do Not Disturb (DND) settings on a Cisco IP phone is the Hold Reversion feature.

When a user activates DND on their IP phone, it signals to the call manager that they do not want to receive calls. However, if another user attempts to call the phone, the Hold Reversion feature allows the call to be redirected to another phone or to voicemail, overriding the DND setting.

The Hold Reversion feature is particularly useful in call center environments, where calls need to be distributed efficiently to available agents. If an agent has activated DND, but another call comes in for them, the call can be automatically redirected to another available agent or to a group mailbox.

The other options listed in the answer choices are different call processing features that perform other functions:

A. Park Reversion for remotely parked calls by a shared line - This feature allows a user to park a call on a shared line and have it automatically revert to their phone after a specified time.

C. Remotely placed pickup request by a shared line - This feature allows a user to answer a call that is ringing on a shared line by pressing a pickup button on their phone.

D. Pickup Notification - This feature notifies a user when a call that was previously parked or placed on hold becomes available for pickup.

E. Terminating side of a call back - This feature allows a user who has received a call to initiate a call back to the caller by pressing a button on their phone.

Overall, the Hold Reversion feature is the one that specifically overrides the DND setting on a Cisco IP phone.