Cisco Unity Connection Call Handler Greeting - Override All Other Greetings

Which Cisco Unity Connection Call Handler Greeting Overrides All Others?

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Which Cisco Unity Connection call handler greeting, when enabled, overrides all other greetings?



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An Alternate greeting might be enabled to override the Standard Greeting during certain times, because it is a personal greeting used for specific purpose.

The correct answer is the "Closed" greeting.

In Cisco Unity Connection, a call handler is a virtual extension that can answer calls, take messages, and redirect calls to other extensions or voicemail boxes. The call handler can be configured with different greetings to play to callers, such as an internal greeting, holiday greeting, or closed greeting.

When a caller reaches a call handler, Unity Connection checks to see if any greetings are enabled for that call handler. If multiple greetings are enabled, Unity Connection plays the greeting that is the most appropriate for the current date, time, and call status.

However, if the "Closed" greeting is enabled, it will override all other greetings, regardless of the date, time, or call status. This is because the "Closed" greeting is designed to inform callers that the office is closed and no one is available to answer the phone. Therefore, it takes priority over other greetings.

In summary, the correct answer is "B. closed," as the closed greeting overrides all other greetings in Cisco Unity Connection.