Question 133 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

Question 133 of 490 from exam 400-051: CCIE Collaboration

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Refer to the exhibit.

1r1-cAS-Gateway(config-controller)#dsO-group 1 time 1-10 type ?

e&m-delay-dial E &M Delay Dial

e&m-fgd — &M Type II FGD

e&m-immediate-start E & M Immediate Start

e&m-Tmr E &M land mobil radio

e&m-wink-start — &M Wink Start

ext-sig External Signaling

fgd-eana FGD-EANA BOC side

fgd-os FGD-0S BOC side

fxo-ground-start FXO Ground Start

fxo-loop-start FXO Loop Start

fxs-ground-start FXS Ground Start

fxs-loop-start FXS_Loop Start

none Null Signalling for External Call Control

Which ds0-group option should you select to send automated number identification information on outbound calls for this digital T1 voice circuit?



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A. A. C. D. E.


E&amp;amp;M signaling is often the preferred option for CAS because it avoids glare, it provides answer/disconnect supervision and it can receive Automatic Number Identification (ANI) with FGD and send ANI with FGD-EANA.

In other words, you can have 1 channel-group for incoming calls and 1 channel-group for outgoing calls.