CCIE Collaboration Exam: Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Data Store for CSQ Information

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Data Store for CSQ Information

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Which Cisco Unified Contact Center Express data store contains CSQ information?



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A. B. C. D. E.


The Database component is required for any Unified CCX deployment and manages access to the database.

The Unified CCX Database contains four data stores.

They are as follows: -> Configuration data store -> Repository data store Agent data store -

-> Historical data store The configuration data store contains Unified CCX configuration information such as resources (agents), skills, resource groups, teams, and CSQ information.

The repository data store contains user prompts, grammars, and documents.

The agent data store contains agent logs, statistics, and pointers to the recording files.

The historical data store contains Contact Call Detail Records (CCDRs)

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The correct answer is B. Repository Data Store.

In Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), the repository data store is the database that stores all historical data and configuration information about the contact center. It includes information about the call center's configuration, such as scripts, prompts, skills, resource groups, and contact service queues (CSQs).

CSQs in UCCX are used to route calls to the appropriate resources. They are created based on the criteria specified by the administrator, such as the skill sets required to handle a particular type of call or the language proficiency of the agent. When a call arrives, the system uses the information stored in the CSQ to determine which agents or resources should handle the call.

Therefore, CSQ information is stored in the repository data store, which is also used to store other configuration information related to the call center. The other data stores mentioned in the answer choices have different functions:

  • The configuration data store is used to store the configuration settings of the UCCX system, such as the hostname, IP address, and authentication settings.

  • The agent data store is used to store information about the agents and their status in the system.

  • The historical data store is used to store call and agent statistics for reporting and analysis purposes.

  • The script data store is used to store scripts used by the UCCX system, including prompts, menus, and other call handling elements.

Therefore, the repository data store is the correct answer for the question.